The lockdown has strengthened my family bonds

Aware of the cultural practices in Alur which gives a lot of powers to men and violates women’s right, such as cooking, cleaning the compound, taking care of children, and the husband, after joining the coffee value chain and being trained on gender equality using the GALS methodology Lambert decided to quit the traditional cultural beliefs that violates women’s rights and share household chores, discuss family issues including budgeting together with the wife and children, something that was unacceptable to him before the project.


Orombi Lambert Yalo a member of Agwechi savings group in Culamuk has made the covid 19 lockdown to strengthen his bond with the family. Although he is a gender champion in his community, he didn’t have enough time to help his dear wife at home with household chores since his routine work takes him most times away from his home early in the morning and he returns late. With the lockdown, Lambert says he spends most of his time at home or working in the garden together with his wife and children that has enabled him bond more with the children and relieve his wife from the burden of care work at home.

Asked whether the lockdown has affected them negatively, Orombi says they have challenges selling their agro produce since the prices have fallen so low especially the cassava, their income has been greatly affected as a result sometimes it becomes difficult for them to purchase essential items like soap for the now large family, however they are still living more happily than before because they share the work at home and have adequate time to rest with his wife and children. He has used this time to also teach his children with values since they never had such an opportunity to live as a family for long together.

Orombi was however concerned that, in their community there are still people who despise men who do care work including the women who are too enshrined in the Alur cultural practices. Sometimes when he is washing utensils people passing by the road side keep laughing at him, however he has remained firm and will ensure he continues to talk to other families to emulate their examples as it is empowering. From the time he changed his life to date he has realized better utilization of the family resources and has started constructing a permanent house. He aspires to have his family as a model in the entire parish of Pacaka in Erussi, Nebbi district to cause positive change in the lives of people.

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