Integrated Nutrition and Agriculture Project

Integrated Nutrition and Agriculture Project 2015-2016

A total of 1057 farmers in the two districts received training in quality honey production, 50% of the trained beneficiaries are practicing recommended apiary management practices. In the period of under review the farmers processed and sold over 8 tonnes of quality honey

20 local artisans were trained on entrepreneurship skills and equipped with artisan kits. As a result there was increased in number of affordable bee hives made in the community, improve access to bee hives and repair services, increase in come of the local artisans

947 farmers received training on bee colony division and there was 70% improvement in bee colonization reported and remarkable increase in quality & quantity of honey harvested from 5-8 tonnes

-functional farmers associations formed in the 4 sub counties

-the association effectively manages administration and marketing of farmers products.

-978 farmers received training on FAAB

-50% of the beneficiaries have business plan

-20 fruit trees multiplication sites for avocados, papaws and green vegetables where established

-5000 pawpaw seedlings distributed to farmers

3500 avocados seedling distributed to farmers

90% of the beneficiaries planted, eat and sell green vegetables.

-75% of the benefiting households have all the basic functional WASH facilities.

-remarkable improvement in household roles sharing

-most women now have access, control and sense of ownership of land and other important household assets like livestock, machines etc