Gender based violence (GBV) awareness campaign

GBV is the silent cancer that has tormented the Community for so many years its responsible for low households productivities according to research done by AFCE, majority of households experiencing GBV live insecure livelihood with children not in school, cannot afford basic health services and balance diet food. AFCE have taken the challenge to reduce GBV in the community. AFCE currently act as a referral path way for victim of GBV in partnership with TASO and supported by police, local government and action-aid Nebbi. AFCE uses gender action learning system (GALS) methodologies to build the capacities of the community, local leaders and rights holder to create awareness and combat GBV in the region. Over years we have registered success in the areas of family planning and implementing their plans together, improved women control and ownership of productive assets and resources, improved households productivities among others.