From street idler to street vendor

I used to wake up late in the morning when am sure that my parents are already in the garden and I could go straight to Acana trading center to have fan with my peers said, Parmu innocent , 20 years old youth from Acana Centre youth group. The day would start and end with a lot of disappointment because of hardship in getting money for survival. Nearly all hopes was gone had it not been for the next wave project being implemented by AFCE with funding from the innovation village who gave me the opportunity to train my group on bakery products and gave us startup capital. Since then, I now use my time on street to sell our bakery products. I have gained respect from my fellow youths, I can now afford basic necessities, and my parents are happy with me; I no longer wake up late as before. My plan is to expand the business as a group into commercial bakery since we have seen that the business is viable.

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