Farmers and their coffee Project has restored hope for coffee farmers in West Nile region of Uganda

Farmers and their coffee project is an initiatives being funded by OXFAM NOVIB to mobilize and support west Nile coffee farmers and their organizations to sustainably improve the quality and quantity of their coffee and the value they received from it as well as creating demand from small holder farmers and different stakeholders to work together as farmers association and cooperative union. The project aimed at contributing to; Empowered small holder coffee farmers with improved livelihood by 2021. The desired changes the project anticipate to achieved are; increased in price and  income from coffee business, improved standard of living of the farmers, improved quality and productivity of coffee, economically empowered and informed women, improved bargaining power of small holders farmers, increased participation of women in leadership.

We realized the following results in 2019; Continued Increased in price of coffee sold at the micro-station from 6000 per kilogram of parchment in 2018 to 6500 in 2019 mean while farmers who sold to other buyers got between 4000-5000. (Market survey report 2019 conducted by AFCE), Remarkable increased in the quantity of coffee bulked and sold at the micro-station from 33,835 kgs in 2018 to 65,959 kgs in 2019 ,Coffee Samples were sent to 20 buyers and three buyers committed to buy the coffee (havana coffee, crop to cup and this side up), Buyers has expressed interest and came up to micro-stations where the coffee are produce and processed and some expressed interest of supporting farmer’s economic activities., Increased in number of women planting and owning coffee, in 2019, 69778 kilograms of cherry was sold by women and  4762 coffee seedlings where planted by women compare to 46210 cherry and 2218 seedling in 2018 respectively, More family reported improvement in their relationship as a result of men opening up planning and sharing space to women, a total of 440 households out of 1070 HH reported to be planning together how to mobilize, distribute and use resources at home. As organization, the partnership with OXFAM enable us realized our aspiration of reaching and empowering of marginalized community socially and economically.

We experienced some challenges such as excessive rainfall which affected training delivery to farmers and processing of coffee at the micro-stations, difficulties in accessing farmer’s field, reduction in yield of major food crops like beans and cassava.

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