Standard sanitary pads project in Nebbi Town Council

Brief about the standard sanitary pads project in Nebbi Town Council

AFCE with funding from European union through international labour organization under youth to youth funding scheme implemented a project; standard sanitary towels (Pads and Diapers) for improved living in Nebbi Town Council targeting 50 potential female youth with disabilities who have difficulties in accessing health facilities for themselves and their children.

The intervention catalyses key challenges limiting the success of the target group in business operation and these included limited/ lack of technical skills of production, limited business skills in planning, marketing and management; and limited access to start-up capital among others.

The project hired certified trainers who trained the beneficiaries in technical skills of making sanitary towel (Pads and diapers) from locally available materials; equip them with business skills using ILO’s SYB and or GET-Ahead packages, provide start-up kits for group businesses and help beneficiaries to process documents necessary for formalisation of their group businesses.

As a result of project intervention, a small scale cottage industry for making sanitary pads has been started and they are producing sanitary pads both for business and for their own use. 50 female youths attained the skills both in making sanitary pads and tailoring.