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Empowering Communities Together

Welcome to the world of the Agency for Community Empowerment (AFCE)! We’re a group of young people in Uganda, working together as a not-for-profit organization. Our main goal is to help out our fellow youth in the West Nile Sub region, who might be facing tough times due to social, economic, or environmental issues.

Our Mission: Transforming Lives through Holistic Development

Back in 2011, some of us young professionals got together and founded AFCE. Why? To make life better for young people like us! We believe that by unlocking the full potential of our youth, we can bring positive changes to their lives. We do this by encouraging a good work ethic, providing life skills training, and creating connections in the market for mutual growth.

Partnering for Progress

AFCE is not on this journey alone—we’re proud partners with the civil society fraternity. Together, we aim to boost the skills and abilities of small-scale farmers in rural Uganda. Our focus is on promoting sustainable agriculture, because we believe it’s a key to improving life in rural areas.

Building Resilience in Rural Communities

Our main focus is on young people from rural communities in the West Nile sub region. We’re convinced that by giving them the right tools and knowledge, they can tackle the challenges they face. Our mission is to help them become more productive and enjoy a better quality of life.

Promoting Decent Work Opportunities: A Holistic Approach

AFCE is committed to creating decent work for young people. We accomplish this by instilling a positive work attitude, providing life skills, conducting training programs, and fostering linkages for interdependence and development.

Wondering what you can find on our web portal? Well, there’s a lot to explore:

  1. Vision, Mission, and Objectives: Get to know what drives us.
  2. Our Work: Discover the projects and initiatives we’re passionate about.
  3. Job Opportunities: Check out the latest job postings on our notice board.
  4. Empowering Articles: Find tons of useful articles in our blog to boost your enterprise.

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Empowering Communities: What AFCE is All About

AFCE is a registered organization in Uganda, recognized by the Uganda National NGO Board with the registration number INDR11937344NE. We’re a Non-Governmental Organization committed to making positive changes in the lives of communities.

Our Vision:

We dream of building strong and resilient communities, where both the people and the environment thrive.

Our Mission:

We work towards achieving this vision by promoting integrated development programs that uplift the livelihoods of vulnerable individuals and enhance the well-being of their surroundings.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Building Resilient Livelihoods: We aim to contribute to the resilience of vulnerable communities in the West Nile region, ensuring a better quality of life for all.
  2. Strengthening Our Organization: Our goal is to develop a robust and adaptable organization that can effectively carry out our mission and vision.
  3. Youth and Women Empowerment: We focus on actively involving young people and women in climate-resilient agri-business, fostering sustainable development.
  4. Promoting Decent Employment: We strive to provide access to decent jobs for both educated and non-educated unemployed youth. This includes promoting vocational skills, sharing experiences, and creating opportunities for internships and voluntarism.

Core Values:

  • Accountability and Transparency: We believe in being responsible and transparent in all our actions.
  • Freedom and Justice: We stand for freedom, justice, and equal opportunities for all.
  • Care and Volunteerism: Our commitment to care and volunteerism drives our efforts to make a positive impact.
  • Equality: We promote equality in all aspects of our work, ensuring fairness for everyone.
  • Respecting Human Dignity and Environment: We respect the dignity of individuals and work towards safeguarding our environment.

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